LCA offers a christ-centered, character-driven approach to athletics, while also encourageing playfulness along the way. We believe that happens outisde the classroom is just as important as what happens in the classroom. Therefore,  highly value creating a community that builds strong friendships, develops leadership skills, and enhances confidence in our students’ abilities, both mentally and physically. 

Our Motto: "Win with Grace. Lose with Dignity. Glorify God above All"

  • Christ - Athletics creates a unique venue where adult mentors can share Christ with students and help students foster a deeper relationship with Christ.

  • Character - Athletics doesn't create character – it reveals it. Our steadfast mentors use teachable moments offered through athletics to teach life lessons.

  • Confidence - Everyone has different talents and gifts. Athletics provides a place where students can nurture and develop some of those gifts.

  • Championship - Winning isn't the end at LCA. It's a byproduct of striving for excellence, which is our primary goal.


  • $30 per sport

  • Second sport is $20, 

  • Kids in 3rd - 9th grade are able to participate and get a free shirt for playing. 

Floor Hockey: 

  • 6 weeks, twice a week, January-February 

  • Tickets to a Spokane Chiefs game. 


  • Intramurals for 6 weeks, twice a week, after school.

  • Female and male coaches. 


  • 6 weeks, Thursdays, January-March at Schweitzer Ski Resort

  • 1 hour lessons included. 

  • Rent equipment, buy tickets, or use a season pass. 


  • 6 weeks, Tuesdays and Thursdays, February-March

Beach Volleyball: 

  • Intramurals with Coach Jessica