In a phrase, this is what Lake City Academy is about. As a Seventh-day Adventist Christian school, we are ALL IN as we strive to reveal the character of God in all that we do.


“We are ALL IN, fully committed. To you. To your family. To Christ. To excellence. With our hearts, minds, bodies and community. We are ALL IN as we walk alongside the next generations, empowering them to discover their unique purpose as they serve in their homes, their neighborhoods and their world.”



As followers of Christ, we are all in to making Him the foundation of our lives. From this foundation we discover integrity, character, and our God-given talents.


We are all with the idea that there is inherent good in hard work, we understand that excellence is the result of this effort.


You can’t earn it. You can’t buy it. It is undeserved love freely given by the giver. We are all in with grace as the cornerstone of family and friendship and it’s essential role in loving each other well.


We are all in to making learning a life long experience. We understand that curiosity is crucial as we learn to think for ourselves, challenge our limits, develop creativity, cultivate grit, and discover a diverse perspective for the future.


Each of us is unique and valuable. We are all in to going beyond mere knowledge, and this prepares us for life, advances leadership skills, grows responsibility and most importantly allows us to discover who God made us to be…our purpose.