Early Childhood Program

Nurturing little hearts with big love!

Lake City Academy’s early childhood program is a small, safe, Christian environment, providing excellent teacher to child ratio. Our teachers nurture each child’s emotional needs and foster positive relationships with each other and with Christ.

Our program is designed to instill into every child a love for learning at an early age. We do this through engaging curiosity, creativity and critical thinking. Children grow spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, socially and physically within our program, which is designed to raise well-rounded life-long learners. With a hands-on play-based approach, our students get excited about academics. They are provided with opportunities to make their own choices for behavior in a safe, guided structure with teachers using a positive discipline model for classroom management. Working closely in program development with the Kindergarten teacher, you and your child can be confident they will be well equipped with all he or she needs to know for the next level of schooling.