HandS (Home and School)

The Home and School Association is a team of volunteers that works tirelessly to support the needs of our school and provides memory-making events throughout the year. Lake City Academy is proud of its reputation as an outstanding private Christian institution with a staff of dedicated and caring teachers. But school is not just about education. It is also about building a strong community. 

One unique feature of Lake City Academy is the strong parental support, commitment, and participation in school events and student life. The Home and School Association selects officers for each school year to coordinate and help direct school programs. These programs create a sense of community and facilitate growth for students and parents.

We know that in today’s society, most families have very hectic schedules, balancing work and family life. It is vital that you as parents be involved with your child’s school, an aspect of education that is rewarding to both you and your child, and well worth your time.

The broad-based goals of the Home and School Association are as follows:

— To provide settings for social interaction between faculty, staff, students, parents and family members.

— To provide educational programs and information for parents and students.

— To provide events that will foster spiritual and cultural growth and enrichment.

— To raise money to benefit the school.

The Home and School Association would not exist without you. We need your help and support! Would you join us this school year? If you are interested in helping with a specific annual event or just being available to help in general throughout the year, please contact:

Joslyn Wold (208) 755-4172 or Sarah Wagner (509) 990-3536