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It is impossible for me to pick just ONE thing I want my students to take away from my classroom, but I can narrow it down to three. As a teacher, I want my students to be inspired to love learning. Additionally, as a follower of Christ, I want my students to see that Christianity is not about a list of rules, but instead is about building a relationship with the One who makes life more fun, exciting, and fulfilling than anything the world has to offer. Finally, as an American, I want my students to become good citizens who participate in government, care for their communities and the environment, and work to make the world a better place.
I believe that education is a process. No one achieves “Education”, and then just stops learning on graduation day. Instead, learning is something we do all the time, over the course of our entire lives. We must always keep in mind that school is not the only place where learning occurs. That said, school is the place where people learn important things they probably wouldn’t pick up otherwise. Most importantly, school is where we learn HOW to learn, and school is where young people should be encouraged and inspired to WANT to learn. The primary job of an educator, then, is to help students discover and develop their best learning modalities, talents, and strengths. Piggybacking right on top of this, a good teacher must demonstrate a passion for knowledge, understanding, and excellence, so that these values are instilled into the hearts of the students. That is the beginning of education!
My mission is to push my students to learn all that they can, do the best work they’ve ever done, and have a great time in the process. I emphasize literacy skills and critical thinking, so my classes tend to involve a lot of reading, writing, and discussion. We study hard– grappling with tough ideas about God, life, and the world– and we laugh a lot while we’re doing it!
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