Learning the beauty of success through failure.

First Things First

In my classroom students learn through experience, by experimenting with trying and letting go of their fear of failure. Students learn why their education is important, by putting what they are learning to use through projects based on real careers.  Most importantly of all, though, students learn to love learning by exploring and enjoying their own passions.

I became a teacher because of my own experience in school.  I was put off by their teaching style and inability to give me a clear reason why I should learn the material they were teaching.  I want my students to always know and be able to explain why the material is important to their future. I believe that learning is done best when it is experienced and put into practice, creating behavior changes in the students’ lives. 

I hope that my students take away from my classroom the ability to always try.  To never allow their fear of making a mistake to stop them from pursuing their interests. To learn to love the learning process and make it their ambition to desire continual improvement.

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