The number one thing I want my students to take away when they leave my room is that Jesus and their teacher LOVE them no matter what.
I believe that education should impact the whole person– spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally. I believe that any child can learn. Students need to be provided with the tools and strategies to facilitate their learning.
I LOVE teaching and learning, and I hope that my enthusiasm for it will be contagious to my students. I teach using many learning strategies. If one strategy doesn’t make sense, then we try another until everyone is successful. I attempt to be as positive as possible using a Growth Mindset approach. I enjoy interacting with students in whole group, small group, and individual settings. I enjoy doing STEM activities and taking field trips. Playing, laughing, crying, and praying with my kiddos may also be daily occurrences! I will provide them with a loving, nurturing environment where they can be their best selves to reflect the character of Jesus to others.
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