Lake City Academy Expansion - Case for the Future

Challenges & Limitations

- Inadequate facilities

- Classrooms at capacity

- No room for expansion

- Electrical and plumbing antiquated

- Lack of a cohesive campus

- Educational Gap

- Need for a LOCAL 11th & 12th Seventh-Day Adventist option

Aerial View LR.jpg


- A two story, twelve classroom building expansion

- Up-to-date playground and equipment

- Larger and more efficient parking area

- Repair and update plumbing

- Updated electrical infrastructure

- Larger gymnasium and fitness facility

- Renovation of the existing school building

- Centralized administration and campus layout

Ground View LR.jpg

Phase One (our current phase)

- Construction of the new twelve classroom facility

- Construction of an expanded parking area

- Purchasing and renovation for new playground area

- Plumbing and electrical update and infrastructure

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Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 4.13.49 PM.png

Phase Two

- Completion of the-upper level classrooms in new building

- Relocation of administrative office and formal entrance

- Construction of a new gymnasium and event facility


Phase Three

- Renovation of the original building and classrooms

- Converting the original gym into a commons area

- Increasing the staff to accommodate the growing

of the student population

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