I’m fairly certain that my students understand the basic classroom rules, and they know that they will have academic expectations. What I really want to make sure is clear and apparent is that I care about and believe in each one of them. I want my kids to know that each of them has a purpose and that I am concerned about each child; who they are, and what they think.
I deem it a great privilege to educate young learners within Christ-centered walls. My students are children of God and it is my resolve to help them reach their highest potential and fulfill God’s purpose for their lives. I desire for my students to flourish academically and spiritually, while also perfecting the physical, mental, and social potential of each student. I aim to provide academic excellence and spiritual depth in preparing my students to be lifelong learners and followers of Christ.

In my classroom, I like to use an experiential learning philosophy that makes learning fun and effective. Incorporating field trips within my curriculum to extend learning is something I truly enjoy doing. For instance, while studying state history, students will learn outside the classroom walls to venture to areas such as the Crystal Gold Mine, Sierra Silver Mine, and the Cataldo Mission. I like to continue the experiential learning through projects that take kids away from traditional textbook-style learning. For instance, students complete extensive state projects where they research, develop and present individual state reports/projects. My book projects are another form of learning through experience. One of the highly anticipated projects is the biography project where students choose a prominent individual who made a positive impact on our world. After intensive research, students present their report in first-person. Crafting programs to enhance study is something I enjoy doing. Students can look forward to performing “The Adventures of Lewis and Clark” during their study of our state history and also take part in Math Camp as a culminating year-end event. My students are my life, and because so, I try to give them everything they need to be successful learners. A lot of what I give and teach is found on my website: teacheranita.com Here my students work to begin and complete the many projects we do in my classroom, locate valuable information for school and give the parents a communication tool. My website, though profoundly informational, is also a hobby of mine. I enjoy this creative outlet that helps me be an effective teacher.

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